I'm a 23 year old Computer Science engineer from India.

Know a little bit of Python Javascript Bash Scripting Computer Security Product Design Computational Linguistics C++

About me

I'm the world's leading expert on Mrinal Dhar.

But more than that, I'm an engineer who's passionate about design in the context of Computer Science.
I like designing clean, intuitive user interactions. I'm also highly interested in Information Security.

I studied Computer Science at IIIT Hyderabad, India. I'm in the process of becoming a proud owner of a masters degree in Computational Linguistics as well.

I like working on personal projects to understand how their commercial, more popular counterparts actually work. Currently, I'm working on a system-level AI assistant, a framework for general application of reinforcement learning to popular games like Pacman and Tetris, and an Operating System from scratch. (And as all great men have taught me, I'm exaggerating my work with fancy marketing terms - just a bit)

Been there, Done That

Summer Student


I worked in the Computer Security team and developed an intrusion detection system for all devices on the CERN network, called Gotham.

More details about my work there


Technical Skills

Inspired by Steve Jobs & his insanely great life.